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The Angelique and Fife Fan Haven

Tempermental Temptress


Angelique first appears in the film, seeming to court Lumiere. Though, she assures us he is an old ex-boyfriend and now friend, Lumiere seems to show affection when he greets her, in the Lumi/Babs fanatics' most hated scene. When the movie, 'Beauty and the Beast- The Enchanted Christmas', was soon to come out, everyone dreaded Babette being replaced by this Christmas Angel. But everyone came to a sigh of relief when they found out it's just one scene with them really flirting, and our girl Babette stole the scene during 'As Long As There's Christmas'. Though it was only a short scene, it made me happy that they remembered she existed.
Angel girl turns out, at first, to be a selfish brat and a putdown to everyone's hopes for there to be a Christmas in the castle. Though she changes- later, she's the one cheering up Belle, finally admitting that she was wrong all along.
Angelique was originally the castle decorator before the castle was put under a spell.
Relation to Fife ~
She doesn't seem to notice him at all in the movie, but they seem like real opposites. Though Fife isn't exactly as handsome as Lumiere, he is kind and sweet. Perhaps Angelique would see something in this Band Geek ... =3 Or at least she'll learn; you can't judge a book by it's cover =)


Fanfiction~ 'The Trouble With Love Is ...' by Fairly Odd New Yorker (me) COMING SOON!

Angelique was given the name 'Angel Girl' by the creator of Lumiere and Babette's Fan Haven, Faith. Her nickname has grown on me, and I use it with admiration for the brat- Err ... character.