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The Angelique and Fife Fan Haven

Magnificent Maestro


Fife starts out as an accomplice to Maestro Forte, the castle's court composer who was turned into a large pipe organ by the Enchantress. Fife spies on Belle and the other castle inhabitants for Forte, so that he can keep his solo notes. At first, he seems anxious to find stuff out for Forte, but then starts to believe that a Christmas in the castle may not be such a bad idea. This of course, upsets Forte. Not much else I can say; watch the movie =)
Fife was originally a musician in the castle orchestra before being put under the spell.
Relation to Angelique ~
Fife definitely notices her, but Angelique doesn't notice him. Maybe it's the fact that he isn't so popular ... maybe if Fife was more outgoing he'd get her attention. ^__^


Fanfiction~ 'The Trouble With Love Is ...' by Fairly Odd New Yorker (me) COMING SOON!


I gave Fife the nickname 'Band Geek', but it's not out of mockery. I think he's sweet, in a dorky kind of way =) I heart him. xD