"It needs planning and organization!"

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~ April 01, 2008-
  • I'm sorry I haven't been around to take care of this site - sorry to say the creation of another has devoured most of my free time, as well as the countless other daily things in life that prevented me from caring for it. I'm aware of it's existence, I regret not looking after it nearly every day, and from now on I hope to take much better care (though with college and all, I really can't promise anything.) Thank you to everyone who has come by to visit! =)
  • ~ Rebecca
  • P.S- Had to reset the counter since the old host died. :P
~ June 27, 2006-
  • Voices page updated.
  • Angelique's and Fife's profile pages updated with links.
  • Site button added to Links Page.
~ June 26, 2006-
  • New fanart link added on page.

~ June 20, 2006-

  • Links page updated- 'It Says Keds' a Jeffrey Mylett fansite.
  • 'About Me, The Site Mod' page created. (Link available on Home Page)
~ June 02, 2006-
  • Updates page created. =P

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