Welcome to the one and only site on the net dedicated to one of my most favorite fan couples, Angelique and Fife. They're not portrayed as a couple in 'Beauty and the Beast- The Enchanted Christmas' but ... let's face it- they do look like a cute couple, don't they? Amongst 'Beauty and the Beast' fans, they really aren't the most liked ... but I suppose that makes me cling to them even more. Angelique may be a ... tad bossy at times, and Fife ... well ... I always found him cute. Angel girl takes a while to get used to ... but she really has a good heart. I hope that the two gain more fans through this site, and some more recognition. So ... enjoy the site, and there'll be more coming as time progresses. So ... have fun! ^__^ And sign the guestbook if you get the chance!
~ Rebecca - Site Moderator

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