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Hello and welcome to "All For The Best", a site in dedication and remembrance to the late David Michael Haskell.

June 4, 1948 - August 30, 2000

This site was opened on Sunday July 16, 2006 at 8:12 pm, Eastern Standard Time, and it is still in progress. Please forgive me for what hasn't been added yet. I'll get to it eventually. If you'd like to contribute information, pictures, etc., please email me at It would be greatly appreciated. =)
Stop by our sister site, "It Says Keds", owned by Annette. It's a tribute site to Jeffrey Mylett, who was also in the original New York 'Godspell' cast and movie.

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This website was last updated on June 04, 2008.
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I am going to take much better care of this site-
I'm sorry I haven't updated in very long. I feel
very bad about it and I'm hoping to move this to
a bigger and better site.

Screencaps (c) svgirl58 and Annette, owner of our sister site "It Says Keds"