"All For The Best" ~ A David Haskell Remembrance Site


I've been able to contact several people who knew David Haskell as a friend. Here are some memories I've recieved to post here for your viewing pleasure. More to come, hopefully. =)

From Peggy Gordon,
 (from the Original Off-Broadway Production and writer of 'By My Side')

There was no better or sweeter friend than David. Godspell was a physically aggressive show. Even though we would all warm up together for an hour before curtain we had injuries. Before we had knee pads, I got a slight tear in one of my knees and had to be out of the show for a week while the fluid drained. A whole bunch of us were living together: Sonia, Robin, David, me and more in a cool brownstone in Brooklyn. David was an angel. Although he teased me like crazy, calling me Gimpy, he made sure I had every comfort and never got up from my chair while my leg was healing. He was so ingenuous and good. He didn't have a mean bone in his body. We loved him so much and miss him more. - Peggy

From Mr. Stephen Schwartz,
song composer for 'Godspell' (excluding 'By My Side')
I have very fond memories of David.  He could be intense -- I remember when I first came on board as composer for GODSPELL, he was one of the last original cast members to be happy about having a new score, but once he did, he was equally devoted to the new show.  His combination of humor, passion, and intensity were perfect for the role of John/Judas.  I also remember seeing him on screen in the editing room as the movie was being assembled -- one shot in particular during "Light of the World", with the sun shining off the water behind him -- and being startled by how handsome he was on screen, how much "star" charisma he seemed to have.  Although we didn't have all that much contact in the later years of his life, we always had a great time at our few opportunities to get together with some of the other GODSPELL-ers, and he remained smart and funny.  I will always think of David with admiration and affection. 
Sincerely, Stephen Schwartz 

A man who worked on a production of Godspell in the 70s, John Gaizick, sent me a bunch of scans of autographs and letters he recieved from Godspell casts as well as some articles. This was among them, a letter from David, and I can't thank John enough for sending me this! =)

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