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I'm the crazed webmistress, better known as Rebecca, or Fairly Odd New Yorker (FONY) or Seltzer Addict ... whichever you prefer. I'm most commonly known as 'that nut'.
Some might call me crazy, what with the obsessions I've been having lately. For me, my obsessions are my inspirations. Being both an aspiring writer and cartoonist, I need loads of inspiration. I'm developing ideas for a future fantasy novel, but for the moment I'm working on what I'd hope to be a published comic one of these days. I want to work for Pixar Animation Studios. So yeah ... I dream big. I've never worked with a 3-D rendering program, but I hope to, one of these days. For now, I'm developing my traditional skills, since all 3-D films start out with pencil and paper.
I've loved Godspell since I was four, and no matter how weird my tastes have gotten, I've always held it close to my heart. It ... well, takes a while to get used to- at one point in my life, it was embarassing to watch with my siblings since I felt it was 'too happy' but I need a little of that. I'm a moody person, sometimes easily angered, and I prefer to wear studs and spikes and wear dark clothing. See, this proves you cannot stereotype. If you saw me on the street, you'd never guess I was a Disney/Pixar, Godspell loving nutcase. ^__^
The one thing that depressed me greatly was the fact that four people who worked on this film had passed away. Merrell Jackson, Lynne Thigpen, Jeffrey Mylett, and David Haskell. I felt as if I lost my best friends, though I've never met these immensely talented people. I was that connected with the film. It had made such an impact on my life and I loved all the characters differently and ... it's just such a shame. =(
I made this site since I was so annoyed to not find anything online about David Haskell, and how he's pretty much forgotten. I annoy people by posting topics about this site, though they have no clue about Godspell and could care less ... and I can sorta understand why they wouldn't like it- I grew up with it and I'm so freakin' loyal to it. If it's your first time seeing it, it could be weird and it may take a while to get used to. I watch it every so often, since it's fun to notice new things. I'm trying to train my eye to stop staring at Jeffrey Mylett, who was originally my all time favorite from the start, Gilmer being second. I can't exactly call them my absolute favorites- they're just the most bouncy and my short attention span is attracted to them. I love all the Godspellers equally, and I've found there's nothing I don't like about each of them. Call me insane, but this movie makes me wish I was born in the sixties. =P

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